Illustration and Design


Coffeehouse stickers

moto_web rooster_web

illustrations created for coffeehouse stickers
celebrating 13 years in business

moto: Adobe Illustrator

rooster: ink and watercolor


We Can Do It!


Robobelle Rosie the Riveter
for Geek Girl Con 2013in Seattle, Wa
Oct. 19-20

digital illustration

Timbers Joey


Timbers Joey for
Portland Timbers Kit Unveiling ceremony

acrylic on illustration board

Fund the Fence poster

fund the fence poster

Created for raising funds for a dog park fence in Seattle, Wa.
Citizens for Off-Leash Areas

Expression Design

Pasta Veloce Menu Board

Pasta Veloce Menu Board

Pasta Veloce Menu Board

Feedlot Inn signage

Feedlot Inn signage

Feedlot Inn signage